YETI TANK 85 Bucket Cooler

If you are looking for a cooler for your carrying purposes than this is a great option for you. The big space is the biggest advantage that this cooler provides. All your problems of less space with a cooler is solved with this one.

YETI TANK 85 Bucket Cooler


1) Space: there is enough space in this cooler to carry many things at once with the space for ice apart. It can hold up to sixty longnecks, fifty-one blue crabs, twenty-four mullet and menhaden, ninety-eight slices of watermelon, twenty gallons of trash can punch or two bushels of oysters. With space, this cooler will never disappoint you.

2) Insulation: the insulation of the cooler is of Permafrost that is pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam that keeps all your drinks can stay as colder for a longer period of time. Also, its rotomolded construction makes it protective to the core and indestructible.

3) Extras: it has a Double Haul handles which are made with military-grade polyester and also a Vortex Drain System that makes hauling, loading and drainage really easy. This cooler is all set to go for family get-togethers, cookouts and championship tailgates.


1) 25 ½ L x 25 ½ W

x 19 ½ H

2) The empty weight of 20 lbs

3) Large space

4) Permafrost insulation

5) Double Haul handles

6) Vortex Drainage System

7) Great for family get-togethers


1) The construction is pretty well made and indestructible

2) The insulation works really well
3) The space provided is great




1) None found as such after used by customers



if you want something big and useful for your travels then this is the one for you. Enough space with great construction and high insulation to keep your ice as ice.


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