YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

If you want something that is strongly built in construction and is ready for any kind of adventure then this is the perfect match for you. These coolers are built to handle anything that nature throws, from dangerous creatures to disastrous weather conditions. They are up to any challenge. They can be taken to the backcountry for BBQ family get-together to any outdoor adventure.

YETI Roadie 20 Cooler


1) Construction: it is made up of rotomolded construction that makes it a steady companion for any kind of adventure because it is armoured till the core which makes it an indestructible item.

2) Insulation: it has Permafrost insulation which is pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam which is in the walls and lid that makes sure that your ice stays intact ice for a longer period of time.

3) Locking system: It has heavy-duty rubber latches that are patently made which are really good for protection. Also, it comes with an interlock lid system which helps to prevent heat, the cold lock gasket also helps in this since there is a freezer-quality gasket that circles the length of the lid so it helps in preventing heat and keep the things cold.  The two hinge pins and interlocking design never lets the hinge break.

4) Added Advantages: it has a Double Haul Handles that to of military-grade polyester rope that gives it extra durability. It also has a Vortex Drainage System that makes it leak-proof, rugged and easy draining. It also has anchor point tie-down slots which make for easy mounting to any vehicle and also lip-grip handles that helps in carrying purposes, plus a bear foot non-slip feet that prevent sliding of the cooler and helps it stay in one place.


1) Rotomolded construction

2) Permafrost insulation

3) T-rex lid latches

4) Inter-lock lid system

5) Double Haul Handles

6) Anchor Point tie-downs

7) Cold lock gasket

8) Vortex drainage system

9) Never fail a hinge system

10) Lip grip handles

11) Bear foot non-slip feet


1) It keeps ice stay for long so great durability of ice because of insulation

2) It saves money as well as it is economic.


1) It is heavyweight and not that easy to carry

2) Space is less as because of the heavy built structure.



if you are looking for a cooler with great features and pocket-friendly then this is the cooler for you.


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