You need a portable refrigerator that keeps your items fresh on your journey’s with you, then what is best than having a cooler at your side. It keeps items cold as well as fresh for your needs. There are various coolers in the market and can be found in any store anywhere. They come in various sizes as per your need.

The basic question is what is your need and for how long do you want it to sustain. If you want a great cooler that survives anything and works great over the years then you need to look for a good brand with great features to offer.

Well, you have researched you might have come across the names Pelican or Yeti coolers. These are the best names and most popular names in coolers. But which to choose and which is the best out of the two?

Here is a comparison is drawn for you so you can decide which one suits the best for you.


Pelican Elite 30 Quart Cooler (Green_Tan) _ Sports & Outdoors                                

Both the coolers have to offer something great and are popular names in coolers that is why their name will pop up every time you search for coolers. Both individually offers great features making them amazing for your next buy.  They both offer a range of products under their chain.

Pelican promises and is proud of its ice retention abilities. It boasts of keeping ice till ten days and its thick-walled insulation. The locking system of it with latches helps in keeping contents cool and offers wide wheels to navigate in any condition. What is best it offers a lifetime warranty which attracts a lot of people toward it. It can be said that this cooler is has made a name for itself and is durable, tough and reliable.

Yeti is another famous name which has made a name for itself in a small number of years. It’s the name you can count on as they say. These are plain and simple coolers which offer durability and toughness at the same time is reliable too. Best feature is that they just don’t come in various sizes they come in various style whichever one fits you, from large scale needs to individual needs for soft-sided coolers.

Lets’ a bit of detailed comparison


In this aspect, both of these have the greatest construction and are engineered in a way to provide the best quality.

Yeti coolers are mostly engineered through high-end roto-moulded construction. It offers great permafrost insulation which provides great ice retention. A super outer construction that can go through almost anything and keeps the outside dry and a perfect vortex draining system that easily drains a pound of melted ice. Handles of the coolers are found to be double haul that is made from military-grade polyester rope.

Pelican coolers are also made through roro-moulded construction. These also come with a freezer gasket to help in keeping the cold. It has a rugged outer body to go through any tough conditions and stainless steel hardware. The latches of these coolers are moulded-in bar handles which have press and pull system.

The construction of these coolers is engineered in such a way that they can go through anything whether it is a few bumps or bruises while transporting or lifting.


Both of these coolers offer superb insulation with thick walled construction. Both the coolers have been through various tests and users have reviewed the same.

Yeti provides great insulation in its coolers. The cooler offers four to five-day ice retention and the users have verified it too. That actually holds ice up to four to five days. This has also been through the test of bear-proof where the bears have attacked it which proofs that it can through any of the harsh conditions.

Pelican also offers great insulation with thick walled and it holds ice up to ten days. Though the test and users have proofed that it holds up to eight days of ice which is almost close to the claim by the company. This is the attractable quality of this company and makes it superior to Yeti. It also offers a bear-proof test which makes it durable and tough.


Yeti coolers give warranty for up to five years and cover up everything in it. Their customer service is super excellent and repair team is fast as well. While Pelican coolers go up further to offer a lifetime warranty that covers up everything as well. This is a great catch as well.


As per as which is better than the other has to go it really goes on the preference of the individual. What really suits your needs and is the best for you. They both are quite similar overall in their features just except the warranty.

That makes Pelican more attractable than the Yeti. But otherwise, then this both are similar in construction, insulation, durability and toughness.

Now find out the best product under these names that suits the best for your needs. Money is well spent on the right product is what everyone wants. The price of each product will vary according to its features so look what you need keeping in mind your budget.

Hope this blog helps you to gain knowledge and find the best one possible for you.

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