Pelican Products Progear Elite Cooler, 35 Quart

If you are looking for a cooler that has great space to offer to you, then this brand with this product is an amazing choice. With good ice retention and enough space, this is a great buy for adventurous adventures. These coolers are designed in a manner to work hard in extreme situations.

Pelican ProGear 32-35Q-MC-WHT 35 qt. Elite Cooler, White


1) Insulation: the cooler is made from two-inch polyurethane insulation which provides up to ten days of ice retention. Also, there is a freezer grade gasket that comes with the cooler.

2) Locking-up: the cooler comes with moulded-in lock hasp and has a stainless steel plate. The cooler also offers a dual handle system that is moulded-in and hinged. There is also a press and pull latches for wide gloved use.

3) Drainage: the cooler comes with slopped rain and tethered threaded plug which helps in the easy drainage. A garden hose can be easily attachable to this.


1) Two-inch Polyurethane insulation

2) Freezer grade gasket

3) Moulded-in lock hasp

4) Stainless steel plate

5) Press and pull latches

6) Slopped drain

7) Tethered threaded plug

8) Dual handle system


1) With so many features, its retention is actually amazing.

2) The drainage system of the cooler is a plus too.

3) The handles and the latches are also top notches.

4) Engineered to survive in extreme situations


1) The make-up of the drainage makes it difficult to use


Overall Pelican Elite is a great product in terms of space and build-up. Also, its make makes it a go-to cooler if you need the one that lasts your ice as ice for a longer period of time. It offers top-notch performance in terms of insulation, comfortability and durability.

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