The biggest of the names in the market of coolers is K2 and Yeti. They are quite popular coolers and have best reviews by people who have used them. Both the coolers are quite similar to each other with minute differences between them. This small differences are something that matters and since it is your money being put up than why wouldn’t you buy a one that is long lasting and suitable for your use and fulfil your needs.

Here is a comparison is drawn between the two cooler for you so that you have the best knowledge before buying the cooler.


Coolers have insulation which keeps the ice as ice and helps in keeping the coolness of the cooler. So this becomes the most important aspect of the cooler. Both these coolers have an intense amount of insulation ranging from one and a half to two inches are there in the wall and floor and two to three inches are there in the lid. Because of insulation, their ice retention is almost the same just with a minute difference that K2 can hold ice half a day more than Yeti. They both can hold ice for more than six days.


Both the coolers are made of roto-moulded construction that means that they are made from a single piece of plastic with a uniform thickness. This makes both the coolers highly durable and long lasting.

Both the coolers have a small difference in latches. Where Yeti has ball and socket latches that are easily pull down and to keep the lid in place whereas K2 has latches that pull up and hook over the lid to keep it in place.

When it comes to handles of these coolers there is not much of a difference. Both of these have nylon rope handles but Yeti has ribbed rubber handle whereas K2 has moulded plastic handle. In addition, K2 has side handles that are moulded in, for easier carrying.


Warranty of such coolers is rarely used since they are built for long lasting but it is good to know that you have assurance when something goes wrong. The Yeti offers a five-year warranty covering everything and K2 offers a seven-year warranty. But the services offered by Yeti is great whether customer or repairing. Also, both of these coolers come with the bear-proof test, which means that they have been through the test where bears have attacked them and they have long lasted them also. This tells us that they are highly durable and tough that they can go through any conditions.

K2 Color Vs YETI cooler


They both come with a gasket that is rubber grade which helps keeps the cool air inside packed and let the warm air outside.

They also come with non-slip feet that are made of rubber. There are overall four of this in both that helps the cooler to stay in one place and slip even if it is wet.


Both the coolers if seen closely does not have much of difference amongst them.  They are quite similar to each other in most ways. The only difference that attracts people to buy K2 coolers might be because of the price. With the same features that the Yeti cooler has to offer K2 comes at a lower price than Yeti and hence people go towards it to buy. With the additional benefit of getting extra warranty period and half a more day of ice retention. Rest everything is pretty much the same as the Yeti.

But some people still go for Yeti because Yeti gives a kind of a luxury premium touch with its glossy finish and logo that no other cooler can give. It’s like buying a branded car, the feature of it can be found in any other car and on a cheaper rate but buying it only just make you a class apart. The same way Yeti has made a name for itself in some very small amount of years and has reached to the top of the game. And that is why some of the people just want to buy the coolers of Yeti because it makes them unique and a class apart from other people. With the additional facility of Yeti never disappointing you.

Lastly, it all comes down to your very own personalised choice. You can research all you want and choose the one that suits the best for you and your needs.


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