Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

The insulated box made of plastic interior and exterior shell with hard foam inside for food and cool drink storage is called a cooler or ice box or portable ice chest. These are generally used for picnics, family day out and vacation. A cooler available in different sizes from personal usage to the larger group or families. Few are coming with the advanced features, material, capacity and built-in cup holders in the lid. A large number of cooler brands are available in the market. Here, we are going to review about the Igloo Yukon cold locker coolers.

Without any doubt, Igloo Yukon coolers are the finest and premium producer of toughest and the ultra-durable coolers in the world. It is also designed with an impressive feature for greater ice retention power for a maximum possible time. The anti-skid pads, UV inhibitors, T-handle grip latches and thick foam lid are the advanced features available in the cooler. It has a greater capacity and offers 7 days of ice retention even in a 90 degrees F.

Buyer’s Guide:

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler, Tan, 50-Quart _ Sports & Outdoors

When you are decided to buy Igloo Yukon coolers the most important parameters like type of construction, material, sizes, handles, empty weight, capacity and drain valves are need to consider. Based on the manufacturing technics features will change and additional features may be included on various usages. We are listed down the features offered by the Igloo Yukon cold locker cooler in the below lines.


  1. The certified Grizzly bear resistant roto-moulded construction will make cooler indestructible and super strong.
  2. Faster draining is possible with the oversized drain plug and chain made of stainless steel prevent loss of drain plug.
  3. The permanent, theft resistance and no swing steady design rock-solid handles are wide enough for two hands to hold.
  4. It is easy to move and unload by using sliding sides because of the reversible skid and anti-skid feet. Anti-skid will be helpful to keep cooler locked at a certain place.
  5. Latches used in the cooler are impact and corrosion resistant, durable, heavy-duty and flexible.
  6. The T-handle grip is easy to hold and Dual lid lock used in the cooler is animal proof.
  7. Ice retention is possible for 7 days because of thicker insulation foam in both body and lid. The 360-degree gasket freezer seals cold in the cooler.
  8. The cool rising technology increases locker off the hot surface and maximizes air flow cooling is achievable.
  9. UV radiation inhibitors resist and also cooler coming with 5 years of warranty.
  1. The IGBC (International Grizzly Bear Committee) certified construction of roto-moulded is durable, very strong.
  2. The drain of the cooler is easy because of oversized drain holes and chain for plug will not make you lose the plug.
  3. The extended stationary handle design is helpful in portability.
  4. It also comes with large storage capacity and a comfortable grip is provide with T-handle.
  1. There is a concern in the lower end coolers handles or hinges.
  2. Price of the cooler is higher as compared with others.


The Igloo Yukon cooler is available in different sizes and insulated moulding construction makes the cooler premium for usage. Price range is also payable as compare with traditional expensive coolers like Yeti and Pelican. The unique integrated fish ruler and the strong three-layer lid will not find any other coolers. Yukon uses grip handles instead of rope handle that will better for heavyweight handling. The reversible feet and anti-skid allow you better sliding ability and traction. This cooler is most suitable for adventure groups, camping and fishermen.

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