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Holidays can never be successful without a trip, and trips can never be successful without food and beverage. And for beverages, we never can accept it to be hot. But what can we do when you are going on an outing! As people like to go out for trips in summer when having those drinks hot is impossible at all. Here, for most of the time, while going out for a trip, you will feel trouble about taking the beverages and keep them at a perfect temperature. In such cases, an ice cooler is a must for you as the solution to this problem.

According to the FDA (US Food and Drugs Administration), below 40 degrees Fahrenheit is the safe temperature to keep beverages. So, we all understand the necessity of having an ice cooler for such trips to keep our food safe. Now, let’s talk about buying an ice cooler.

Air Sea Containers Large Insulated Styrofoam Cooler
Air-Sea Containers Large Insulated Styrofoam Cooler

When Buying an Ice Cooler

When you are in search of a perfect ice cooler to buy, you will find thousands of options in the marketplace. Everything in our surroundings has specific features as so in ice coolers; all coolers will not be of the same types and same services. Some ice coolers can keep the ice intact for 5-7 days, and some can keep ice intact for up to 10 days or even more. You must gather knowledge about ice coolers before approaching to buy one; thus, you will be able to buy the best Ice Coolers That Can Keep Ice Intact for Up to 10 Days.

You may think about how to know about the factors to consider before buying a cooler. Understanding your need here, we are describing the factors you need to know about an ice cooler.

Here’s You Must Consider

Types and Materials

If we consider the broad classification, there are two types of ice coolers based on their structure: hard and soft coolers. Hard coolers are generally made of rigid plastics or steel. These are specially designed strongly to perform heavy works. Hard coolers can keep ice intact for a longer time.

Besides, soft coolers are capable of supporting you for lighter use only, which will not be more than two days. They ensure portability as they have shoulder stripes to hang with you. You can use them for going out on a short trip like kayaking.

If you want to use an ice cooler for compacting, hiking, or boating, the hard cooler will be a perfect choice as they are capable of keeping ice intact for up to10 days.

There is another category of the cooler, which is named standard or rotomolded groups. These are special types which are invented to give the coolers more efficiency to work. They are generally made with molded hard plastics into one piece to make them stronger and more capable of keeping the ice cool. This option will bet after hard coolers to get ice intact for a long time.

Size and Capacity

Ice coolers can be of different sizes. Depending on your usage and requirements, you need to select the size you want. To select the best size for you, first of all, you need to consider the purpose of your buying this and your travel duration. Depending on the purpose and your travel duration, you need to think about the portability or the easiness of use the cooler.

Generally, you will find three sizes of a soft cooler in the marketplace:

  • Small cooler: 20-25 quarts- suitable for one day use
  • Medium cooler: 25-45 quarts- not suitable for more than three days
  • Large cooler of 40-75 quarts- suitable for a week use

The size of coolers measured in the unit quarts is equaled to 946 millimeters. Generally, for using Ice Coolers That Can Keep Ice Intact for Up to 10 Days, you must choose the hard coolers. For planning a family trip with hard coolers, the most appropriate size is considered 70 quarts coolers. Again, in this case, you should think about your trip factors, like how much you want to carry. For your understanding, we are giving an idea about the accommodation capacity of hard coolers:

  • 20 quarts- around 16 cans or 20 pounds of ice
  • 50 quarts- 35 cans or 43 pounds of ice
  • 75 quarts- 57 cans or 70 pounds of ice

If you are planning a short time tour for two or three people, you can choose 50 quarts cooler. When you arrange a trip for more people and more days 75 quarts coolers will be the best choice.

  • Budget and Portability

As you are going to buy a cooler to get rid of having hot food, you just need to more the coolers from place to place. Thus you must be cautious about portability. As you are going to buy a hard cooler for keeping the ice intact for up to 10 days, they will, of course, be heavy. Wait! Don’t be afraid about moving with the cooler by hearing this. It is not a problem at all, as there is also the solution to the heavyweight.

There are some hard coolers with wheels to move them easily to make you tension-free about the portability of the movement. But the matter of sorrow is that most people don’t choose these coolers as the first damageable thing of these coolers is the wheels. Though wheels are a great need, they are also a problem. For this reason, you need to be a more fastidious person while buying hard coolers with wheels. You need to check the material of the wheels also while buying these coolers. Always try to choose the coolers having a sturdier wheel.

In this case, you also need to consider your budget. The coolers without wheels are more affordable. You can find some coolers with wheels at an affordable rate also, but their wheels have more probability of getting damaged. To have a cooler ensuring a long-lasting wheeled cooler, you must choose one with sturdy wheels. Generally, the premium quality coolers are guaranteed about wheels, which are quite expensive; generally, more than $400. So, when you have more budget, you can go for a long-lasting easy-portable cooler.

Styrofoam Cooler

Have More Things to Know?

Now we know the three basic factors which we should consider before choosing to buy an ice cooler. Besides these factors, there are some issues which are always asked by the people who are going to buy one for them. Let’s know what they are. You may find it helpful to choose the best long-lasting ice cooler suitable for you.

What should be the quantity of ice?

Maintaining a quantity is necessary everywhere, and similarly, you in this case of using ice in the cooler. You must want your beverage to be perfectly cool in your ice cooler box. So to ensure it to be perfectly cool, you must follow the standard quantity of using the ice in a cooler. According to the Popular Mechanism, the ice ratio should be 2 to 1. If we say clearly, you need to use double the amount of ice for the food you are keeping. In case you are keeping one gallon of drinks in it, you must use two gallons of ice in it.

What to do to get a long-lasting use?

If we use something randomly, it can never last long, regardless of how good the quality is. So, you must use your cooler in a mannered way to have long-lasting service with it.

You always should be careful about storing your cooler when it is not using. Avoid keeping it in a warm place. If you keep in such a place, your cooler can be damaged or lose its cooling features. You can keep it in a cool place or at room temperature.

The second thing is the most important one you should be cautious about. The ices you are going to store in the cooler while traveling should never be pre-melted. The ices which are already melting can damage your cooler’s cooling feature. You should always try to use dry ice in coolers.

Cold waters can help to insulate the ice you are adding to the coolers. In this case, you must be aware of using access water, which can be drained.

So you must keep in mind these three things about using and storing your coolers safely and to have long-lasting use.

Wrapping Up

We tried to provide all the necessary information to you; thus, you can easily choose the best Ice Coolers That Can Keep Ice Intact for Up to 10 Days. We hope you get it helpful. Now it is your turn to go through it and understand well. Then you will be ready to go to buy the best cooler for you and make a happy trip.

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