Grizzly Coolers Review

The portable coolers or a cooler is the best friendly device for picnics, weekends and vacations. This device is used to maintain chillness in cool drinks, beer and to prevent a perishable product from getting damaged. Sometimes the gel is sealed inside the cooler that makes the ice to be cold for a longer duration. The cooler construction is done with different manufacturing process like roto-mould. it is built with interior and an exterior layer of plastic, and filled with hard foam in it. The sizes of the coolers are also varying from smaller to larger based on the usage. The handles, drain valves and different features are introduced for better portability and fast draining of water.

Grizzly coolers are perfect for extended vacations or trips. The product has impressive durable and cooling capacity holds ice for a longer durations compared with any other coolers available in the market. The company claims that ice retention for a longer cooler is possible for 19 days. The Grizzly coolers are coming with larger number sizes. It also offers the finest insulation, durable material, optimal toughness and best manufacturing technics are implemented. There are also available in plenty of colours variants.

Buyer’s Guide:

When users are planning to purchase the coolers. They must know the features offered by the different manufacturers and advanced technics. The coolers are varying with respect to the quality of the material, lock system, holding support and bear-resistant. In this article, we are listing out features, pros and cons of the Grizzly coolers of size 15, 40 and 75.


  1. Rotomolded construction of LLPE plastic is designed for better wall thickness and durability.
  2. The IGBC Certified tag is desirable for coolers that mean cooler can withstand the force applied by a bear to open. All Grizzly coolers are IGBC certified.
  3. Two inches polyethene foam is pressure injected into walls of the cooler for greater thermal Properties.
  4. The integrated Hinge is built-in interlocking models that can able to withstand the toughest conditions.
  5. It comes with a premium design of Bearclaw™ Latch. It can be interchangeable, comfortable to use and bear grip on the lid will be retained.
  6. The coolers are compatible to carry dry Ice.
  7. It has a two lock holes locking system on each side of the coolers to make your cooler safe and secure.
  8. The two inches Tiedown slots will sure the safety of the cooler in truck and boats.
  9. The silicone rubber gasket lid seal will extend the longevity of ice retention and maintains the cold for a longer period.


Features Grizzly G15 Grizzly G40 Grizzly G75
Dimensions 18 3/4” x 11 3/8” x 14 3/8” 25 1/2” x 16” x 15 3/8” 33 1/8” x 17 3/4” x 17 7/8”
Capacity 16 quarts 40 quarts 75 quarts
Empty weight 12 lbs. 24 lbs. 34 lbs.
Ice retention 4 Days and 5 Hours 6 Days and 14 Hours 9 Days and 10 Hours
IGBC number 5006 3369 3369
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Additional Features  

2” drain holes

Slick grip feet to prevent sliding

The dual moulded handle system for easy portability


  1. The rotomolded manufacturing technic made the models durability and stronger.
  2. These coolers are coming with greater ice retention capacity that will be helpful in longer vacation.
  3. The thick rubber gasket will trap the cold air within the cooler.
  4. The coolers are also available in a large variety of sizes and colours
  5. All the coolers are coming with a lifetime warranty
  1. The price range of the cooler is too higher and that is the only concern.


The price range of the cooler is higher. But it is affordable as compared with other premium coolers. The coolers are available in a large variety of colours. The Latch, thick rubber gasket and Dual handle system are added advantage for the cooler. The ice retention power for weeks makes the cooler revolutionary product in the market. The Grizzly coolers are cheaper and better alternative for the other premium coolers.

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Grizzly Coolers Cooler, Sandstone/Tan, 40-Quart

Grizzly Coolers Tailgating Cooler, Sandstone/Tan, 75-Quart

Grizzly Coolers Cooler, Sandstone/Tan, 40-Quart

Grizzly Coolers Tailgating Cooler, Sandstone/Tan, 75-Quart


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