Coolers are that item that acts as a portable refrigerator to keep your items cool and fresh for whatever and whenever you need it. There are a lot of coolers in the market that are cheap and easy to buy but would not last long. If you need a cooler that lasts long you need to go the branded popular brands to buy the one.

We bet that you have heard the name of Yeti if you have searched for coolers and somewhere on the line you also must have heard the name of Engel, which is because it is more or less similar to Yeti coolers.

So what is it that makes Yeti and Engel different? Or why is the comparison needed if they are similar to each other?

There are minute differences between both these coolers so that will help you decide which one of them suits you the best and why. After all, an informed decision always is considered the trait of an intelligible man rather than having half the information.


Here is a comparison is drawn between the two coolers for your knowledge and help in selecting the best suitable option.

Before going into a detailed version of the comparison let us, in brief, explain to you what Yeti has to offer and what Engel has to offer.

Both the coolers are great in performance delivery there is no doubt about it. Though Yeti coolers are found to be a tad better in cooling than the Engel coolers Engel coolers are cheaper than Yeti coolers. Design of both the coolers is similar just some range of Yeti coolers gives a more polished shiny and designer stylish look. The latches of both the coolers are efficient but with Engel coolers, it is easy to use than Yeti. While Yeti comes with a dry basket as an accessory whereas Engel comes with a bottle opener. So really lastly it’s a personal choice between the two.


The Yeti cooler has a roto-moulded construction with a glossy look to it. As the cooler uses a glossy plastic to construct it from outside it looks shiny and this look makes it stand-out in front of other coolers. Whereas having the same construction as roto-moulded Engels coolers does not have a glossy look. It is plain and simple in look but great in performance. It just simply does not stand out in front of other coolers. But both the coolers are ready to go through any conditions that they are put in because of their roto-moulded construction. The main body of both the coolers is made from a single piece of roto-moulded plastic and these are packed with pressurized insulation which makes them highly durable. You can throw it, a seat on it, jump upon it or even bears can attack them but they will still be fine.


Both the coolers have similar insulation around two inches in the walls and floors and around two and a half inches in the lids but the ice retention of both coolers vary. Yeti holds ice up for a longer period of time than Engel coolers. There have been various tests taken over for this but it couldn’t be said why is it this way. The Yeti can hold ice up to for ten days as compared to Engel that can hold ice up to for eight days.


If the cooler is not properly locked than it will not properly cool so locking system of a cooler is really important to look at. The latches of the Engel has quite a tedious work, the latch system uses a cam system which is where you put the latch over a pin and push it so that you can create a downward hold on the lid while to release the latch you simply just pull up and out from the bottom. While the Yeti has an easier latch system to work with it.  With rubber latches of Yeti, you simply have to pull the ball part of the latch down and the tension of the rubber holds up the lid. Both the latches are great in working and have control over the lid to keep it in place but Engel latches come with a bottle opener as well.

It is a very small thing but handles of Engel is harder to use than Yeti. Though both are made from nylon rope with a grip Engels have this designed intricate finger moulded grip which takes time to pick it up as compared to the simple round grip of Yeti. Yeti’s handle can also be easily fixed anywhere so it takes less space but that cannot be done with the Engels.


They both have so much of similarity in their features that you can buy either of them it will hardly be noticed.

Both of the coolers have the same kind of lid surface that is textured. Because of this even if it is wet nothing will slip of it. They both even have the same drainage plug that is of one inch that is not attached with the cooler.

Both of cooler has a gasket that runs around the rim which helps the cooler to keep warm air out. But both the coolers have a slight gap where the end of the gasket meets that indicates that these are not fully airtight. Both the coolers come with non-slip feet in the bottom made up of rubber that helps in not slipping off the cooler.

Both of the coolers have locking points on the front two corners of the coolers which help it secure from bears and also keeps things cool.  Also, both the coolers have two tie-down points on the shorter sides of the cooler.


The Yeti comes with a five-year warranty which covers everything. Whatever is wrong with the cooler is treatable and repaired by the company under warranty. Also, their customer service is great. Plus to find the parts of Yeti cooler is far easier and cheaper than of the Engel coolers.

The warranty period of the Engel cooler is of three- year with terms and conditions. Also, the company demands you to pay for the shipping of the cooler if send or receiving of the cooler before and after repair respectively.

In these terms, Yeti obviously wins.


Overall it could be said that Engel is the cheaper version of Yeti cooler. They are exactly the same with minute differences.

So if you are budgeted you could go for Engel as it will work the same as Yeti. But there is no denying in saying that Yeti is a better than Engel just except the price. But if you want the best features it comes at a cost. Also, Yeti is the more popular brand and stands up to its name in delivering the best quality products.

Lastly, it comes down to your own personal choice to decide which one is the better option for you. Both coolers have to offer a range of products keeping in mind your specific needs and also various colours to choose from.

Hope these blogs help you to find the best one.

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