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a mandatory item for your outside excursions. An item that helps you keep things cool or fresh in your adventures and is a perfect partner of your outdoor journeys. Now you need something that is nearly perfect and is an advantage and not a menace. Lastly, you are spending your money why waste on something that is not worth it and does not suffice your interests and needs.

Whenever there is the talk of coolers the most common names that you hear is of Yeti or Grizzly. But these being famous makes it confusing what to buy and the biggest question is which one to go for? As in which is the better one. To make your life a little easy so, here is a comparison is drawn between the two over some most important and common feature that should be looked at before buying a cooler.

Grizzly has been in the market for more than thirty years for now whereas for Yeti is has just been ten years. Both are equally famous but seeing Yeti matching the popularity of Grizzly of thirty years in ten is years is something remarkable.

Made-up or construction:

Yeti coolers offer a roto-moulded shell construction that is considered to provide great durability. The thing that Yeti has to offer which is a great lack in Grizzly is smooth curves and lines. Yeti coolers have smooth curves and lines which makes it far easier to clean than the Grizzly coming with many contours and edges. Another great thing is Yeti offers is a compact handle that is moulded in and does not come out on the surface like Grizzly. This makes it easier to store Yeti in tight places which is not possible for Grizzly.


Grizzly Vs YETI


Grizzly coolers also offer roto-moulded shell construction which makes it resistant to impact and rigid and gives it a durability that other coolers can’t offer. These coolers also come with moulded-in hinges that also utilize solid steel pins that are stainless and jumbo which is not there in Yeti coolers.

The latches of both coolers also have a difference. Grizzly offers latch hardware screwed in with screws which is not like that great a quality as much as offered by Yeti coolers. Yeti coolers latch hardware comes secured with riveted pins that usually go through the entire frame of the cooler and is secured on the other side of the cooler.

These are small differences but these are the basic differences and qualities that make these coolers what they are and apart from each other.

In construction, no one can beat Yeti coolers.


Coming to the point that is of great importance to any cooler is the type of insulation it offers. Insulation serves a major purpose as it gives coolers its defining feature that is the time period of providing coolness.

Both the coolers are considered to be extremely good in providing insulation. The both provide foam insulation inside of their roto-moulded shell construction of a body which holds the inside temperature really well. Grizzly has an eco-mate foam with the addition to thick rubber gasket and also a rigid lid which is heavily insulated. This all gives the cooler superior insulation. Yeti pressure injects its own proprietary foam which provides the same kind of insulation that the Grizzly does.

In terms of insulation, there have been various attempts made to compare and test those to find out the better one but both of them are literally the same in this context.


Both the coolers have great durability. With Grizzly offering bear proof certification which means that it has been through the test with Bear attacking it for almost sixty minutes and it still remains intact and without a scratch. Made from the toughest and durable material that is there out there. The coolers are made to go through to teat to proof that they come out looking great in shape and functioning well even in the extreme toughest of the conditions.

While Yeti is made from the same materials and offers the same durability as that of Grizzly the only thing that it keeps it apart from Grizzly is that it offers its pin locking system for its latches and other hardware makes it more secure than the Grizzly. Yeti proud itself on its construction and because of which the durability it offers.

Though both are nearly the same in the making of its lids, latches and cooling base yet this small difference gives Yeti an upper edge over the Grizzly in this durability term, because the screw that is used to hold the latches of Grizzly can become loose with time.


Both the products come with a warranty but Grizzly offers a lifetime warranty that covers the real deal like cooler’s seal and gasket which can go wrong and cause some problems but this comes with some terms and conditions which are clearly mentioned. Also any normal lower problems like denting, scratches or decolouration are not covered by this.

While the Yeti offers a five-year warranty which covers everything and the people that have used the Yeti have never complained about their service and maintenance. And they are excellent with their repair team and quite quick.


Though there are many people who will prefer Grizzly over Yeti Yeti is clearly a bit above than Grizzly. Fisherman, hunters and some adventurers show their loyalty to Grizzly and no doubt it is no less of a cooler but can’t be above than the Yeti but Yeti also comes with a price. With so many features to offers and that a great cooler comes with a price of $50 to $100 which is more than what Grizzly comes at.

Lastly, it all depends on what you want, for how long and how much are you willing to spend for it. If you want a lifetime cooler we would rate Yeti a tad bit higher than Grizzly but Grizzly is no less. But still, it would be great if you would do research over reading this blog to see which suits you best and serves your needs more appropriately.

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