Coleman Steel-Belted Portable Cooler, 54 Quart review

The portable ice chest or a cooler is an ice retention device that can be used in picnics, day outs, vacation or a weekend trip. Most commonly ice cubes are placed in the box to store perishable products and maintain chillness in the beverages and cold groceries. These are built with plastic and hard foam. The sizes and features of the coolers are varying with respect to user conveniences.

The Coleman steel ice chest of 54 Quart remains the top-notch cooler and one of the best models in the list. The company started back in 1954 and has a solid experience in the cooler’s construction. It is built with stainless steel handles and moulded with rubber grips for easy portability. The cooler is capable for 3 days of ice retention even in a high-temperature condition. it is also available in different colour like green, black, red/black, rose pink, silver, stainless steel and turquoise.

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Buyer’s Guide:

Before buying any cooler, the users must know the specification and features. The advanced feature like material, capacity, portability and ice retention power will be varying with respect to the manufacturer. Here, we have listed out the key aspect of Coleman steel cooler.


  1. The stainless-steel finish body, hinges and screws of the cooler makes rust and breakage. This iconic design will create an elegant touch look.
  2. It has a capacity of 51.1 litres or 54 quarts capacity of gear and dimension of 24.5” x 16.75” x 16.23” inches. The empty weight of the cooler is 20 pounds and 4 ounces.
    3. Ice retention power of the cooler is 4 days even at a temperature of 90 °F. it has a capacity of holding 85 cans.
    4. The holding of 2-litre bottles upright is possible and prevent spills.
    5. The leak-resistant channel will drain easily and tilting the cooler is not required.
    6. The cooler lid can support up to 250 pounds of weight. Sit and rest is also possible in the cooler.
    7. Controlled lifting and carrying will be easy with stainless-steel comfortable grip handles.
    8. The stainless-steel lid latch is rust resistant and keeps the cooler closed over the humps and bumps.
    9. Carbon emission is reduced because of Low CO2 insulation from foam manufacturing.
    10. It comes with a solid warranty of 6 years.
  1. The stainless-steel hinges and screws are rust resistant and ensure easy portability. The channels are leak resistance and allow to empty without tilting it.
  2. It also has a decent capacity for storage and comfort dimension for outdoor family activities.
  3. This indestructible cooler is durable and helpful in a rugged situation like boating and long riders.
  4. The product is available in a reasonable price range.
  5. it is capable of ice retention for 4 days even in a high-temperature condition of 90 °F.
  1. it is not possible to use cooler for a week-long trip.
  2. The ice intact is less as compared with roto-moulded coolers.
  3. The plastic used in the cooler is not durable and chances of breaking at any time.


This indestructible is a better option for parties, family gathering and weekend hangouts. The weight of the cooler is less and the size is not bulky. The portability is easier because of the lesser empty weight. This is the best cooler at an affordable price and it will never let you down for the selection.


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