Best Small Size Coolers

A cooler is an ice box that used to store cool drinks and food products. These coolers are mostly useful in summer sessions and day outs or vacations. The ice cubes are placed in the cooler to maintain chillness in the cooler. This will also help to prevent perishable food from damage. It is a portable device and made of plastic and foams. The cooler generally consists of interior and exterior layers and filled with hard foams in between layer. Based on the usage coolers will be varying by different sizes like personal, small, medium, large and giant sizes.

We have categorized coolers on sizes basis with respect to that small size cooler will fall between personal and medium coolers. The range for small coolers is from 25 quartz to 45 quarts. These coolers are a little bigger than personal coolers and convenient for family vacations. It is a handy size that can be carried easily and a decent amount of storage will be available for 3 or 4 peoples.

Point to remember:

In the market, a greater number of coolers are available with different brand name and sizes. Choosing a cooler based on the user’s choice is a difficult task. We need to consider particular criteria for the selection of a cooler. The things in the criteria are material, cooling ability, durable, locking system and handling type. The various features of the manufacturer will also add an advantage to the cooler.

List of best small coolers:

The coolers with above criteria are considered while shortlisting. In this article top cooler in the range of smaller sizes are described on the below line with an account of features, specifications, pros and cons.

1) Igloo Marine Ultra Wheeled Cooler – Best 28qt Cooler

Igloo coolers are meant for durable and lightweight coolers. The marina ultra-coolers are designed for the worst-case scenario in any type of environmental conditions. The various forms of conditions are like the sun, water and harsh winds. It also comes with various features and advantages of portability, weather protection and draining system.

Igloo Products Corporation 00045929 Marine Ultra Quantum Roller Cooler, 28 Quart


  1. The most important feature in the coolers is UV inhibitors shell and special infrared technology protective coating on the cooler will prevent sun damage and fading.
  2. The cooling performance is greater even in the hot surface environment because of the Cool Riser Technology®.
  3. Liner integrated channels in the coolers will allow for easy pouring and purging of melted ice.
  4. The Locking system and handle equipped with telescoping gear hangers to hold bags, totes and more
  5. It can be easily transportable because of lockable lid loops and provide maximum security. Lockable will also allow carrying extra gear to be tied.
  6. Waterproof, non-marking and soft ride rally wheels are more flexible for easy transport.
  7. The self-draining system of four cup holders built into the lid will help to maintain ice retention for a longer duration.


  1. Weight:8.81 lbs.
  2. Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H):18.45″ x 13.35″ x 16.52″
  3. Capacity: 28 quarts (26 litres)
  1. The material used for construction is durable and strong.
  2. It is protective against different weather conditions.
  3. The cooler is easily portable because of the rally wheels.
  4. Fast draining is possible because of the four self-draining systems.
  1. The weight of the cooler is a little higher.
  2. Only one cooler is variant is available.


The Igloo marine ultra-colour is coming all the feature where your board for vacation. The UV inhibitors, cool rising technic, telescoping handle and lockable lid are giving your extra protection and more ice retention power. Price of the cooler is also affordable.


2) ORCA TW0400RCORCA Cooler, Green, 40-Quart

Outdoor Recreation Company of America (ORCA)coolers are created by two outdoor adventures men. They tried to wasting money on cheaply available coolers. The coolers are available in different sizes and a variety of colours. The ice retention power of the cooler is higher as compared with the other range of coolers. It also comes with a large variety of features and specifications.

ORCA TW0400RCORCA Cooler, Green, 40-Quart _ Sports & Outdoors


  1. The cooler is constructed by using roto-moulded technic of interior and exterior layer.
  2. Integrated insulation of foam is done for maximum ice retention and freshness your stowed products for a limit of 10 days.
  3. A perfect sealing is performed around the lid gasket to prevent outside air flow.
  4. The extendable and flexible grip handle will help in easy portability for solo or tandem.
  5. The cargo net attachment is mounted on the cooler for extra storage.
  6. The spout is used for easy drainage flow.


  1. Weight: 30 lbs.
  2. Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H): 23 1/8” * 14 7/8” * 17 5/8”.
  3. Capacity: 40 Quart (31.5 litres)
  1. The roto-moulded technic made cooler durable and strong.
  2. It is capable of 7 days of ice retention power.
  3. Extra storage is also possible because of the cargo net.
  4. The draining of the cooler can be done easily.
  5. The large variant of colours is available.
  1. Price of the cooler is not reasonable.


Orca coolers are the best coolers in the market. They are capable of more storage, durable, storage and portable. The spout is provided for easy draining and flexible grip handles are added advantage for additional storage. This is a perfect cooler for a family vacation and holiday trips.



3) Pelican Products Progear Elite Cooler, 45 Quart

Pelican is a famous brand for the design of hardcore coolers and many other gears. The material and insulation used by pelican for the construction cooler made to compete with other premium brands. The performance of the cooler in terms of ice retention is 10 full days. Which is convenient for long vacations and size is suitable for smaller to a bigger group.

Pelican Elite 45 Quart Cooler (Dark Blue)



  1. The roto-moulded construction and 2” polyurethane insulation are making the cooler ice retention power for 10 days.
  2. Freezer grade gasket lid will prevent hot air from entering into the cooler.
  3. Moulded-In Tie downs, Non-skid and Non-marking raised feet will make cooler settle in any kind of floor.
  1. The press & pull locking latches is greater lock system.
  2. Slope drain system and tethered threaded plug are drains quickly.
  3. Lock hasp is moulded of stainless-steel plate and stainless-steel hardware is corrosion resistance.
  1. It has moulded handles and built-in trolley handle.


  1. Weight: 37.25 lbs.
  2. Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H): 29.66″ x 20.00″ x 19.25″
  3. Capacity: 45 Quart (42.59 litres)
  1. The insulated foam is injected in a roto-moulded construction layer gives greater ice retention power.
  2. Portability is easier because of moulded handles.
  3. The material used for construction is durable and stronger.
  4. More colour variant is available.
  1. Cooler price is higher.


Pelican coolers are the best premium cooler and come with a lot of features. Ice retention power is also decent. The price of the cooler is higher but it will be like a long-term investment. It is best suitable for day outs, weekend trip and vacations.


4) Engel Coolers High-Performance ENG35 Roto-Molded Cooler

Engel is the most well-known brand for coolers. It is the first user of roto-moulded technical for the construction of the coolers. The products are also high-performance coolers and specially designed for hunting, fishing, camping and outer door adventures. The company designed cooler with the high-quality material to compete with other premium colours.

Engel 35 High Performance Durable Roto Molded Airtight Ice Cooler, Arctic Blue


  1. It exhibits high toughness and durability because of roto-moulded construction.
  2. Insulation is done of 2” thickness on all the side for better ice retention.
  3. The cooler comes with silicone gaskets that create an airtight seal and shape will never change.
  4. It is moulded with IGBC certified bear-resistant container on rear lid.
  5. The product also comes with a solid warranty of 10 years.
  6. The cooler is available in a vast number of varieties.


  1. Weight: 23 lbs.
  2. Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H): 23 1/2″ x 12 3/4″ x 15 1/4″
  3. Capacity: 35 Quart (33.12 litres)
  1. The high-quality material of the cooler makes it durable and stronger.
  2. The airtight gasket will keep ice cool for a longer duration.
  3. It has a good quality of inner mould handles.
  4. It has a warranty of 10 years.
  1. Latches quality need to improve.



The price of the cooler is also lower as compared with other premium coolers. It has the ice retain the power of 10 days that is an added advantage for the cooler. It also has Cornerstone feet and Duo Lock security holes for non-skid and non-marking elevated feet. The Quadra-grip tie-down points and flick drain plug are also an advantage.

5) Stanley Adventure Cooler 30QT

Stanley is a well-known name for mug and jugs manufacture. In recent days, it is also manufacturing coolers and they divided into two series: adventure series and heritage series. Their coolers are high performance, durability, very tough exterior, leak resistant and strong. The weight of the coolers is also lesser and ice retention power is greater for the coolers.


Stanley Adventure Cooler 30QT


  1. The construction is durable, leak-free and excellent insulation tightly hold the cold for a larger duration.
  2. The lid is insulated with high-quality foam material. It also comes witha leak-resistant gasket.
  3. Rugged latches are made from the toughest plastic material and drain plug are leak proof.
  4. The portability is easy because the handles are large and made from sturdy material.
  5. The latches are also padlocked friendly.
  6. The colour comes with a lifetime warranty.


  1. Weight: 13 lbs.
  2. Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H): 21.34″ x 15.47″ x 18.46″
  3. Capacity: 30 Quart (28.39 litres)
  1. The construction material makes the product durable and stronger.
  2. It acts as leak resistant because of insulated lid.
  3. Portability is also easier because of large handles.
  4. It has greater ice retention power.
  1. Only a few colours are available.
  2. Price of the cooler is also higher.
  3. Built quality is not up to the mark.


The ice retention life of the cooler is decent and insulation provides a leak resistant condition. The drain hole is also large and fast drain is also possible. The weight is lesser and handles are larger for easy portability. It also provides double security with latches and padlocks convenient. The lifetime warranty will help in replacement of cooler.



Final conclusion:

These smaller size coolers (25 qt to 45 qt) are specially made for the small families and group of people. Selection of a cooler is always a difficult task for adventures, hunting and fishing persons. The coolers are also available in a large variant in the market with the most advanced features. To make your work easier, we have listed out the best cooler available in the market. Based on the expert’s advice the above lines were described the cooler features, pros, cons and specification. The final decision to buy a cooler will always depend on the user and there needs.

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