Best Medium sized coolers

The box size container that meant for storing cool beverages and food products with ice is called as a cooler. These are insulated with foam in between the interior and exterior layer. It also extends the food product from getting damaged. Coolers are useful for camping, long vacations and holidays. The coolers type will be depending on the user lifestyle, habits and preferences. Now a day’s manufacturers are also coming with new models, different sizes and additional feature to compete with peer groups.

The medium size hardcore coolers are ranging from 46 quarts to 70 quarts size. It categorized by considering good capacity and easy portability. These size coolers have an ample amount of room for storage, carrying handles, separate storage, drain plugs and additional features. it is convenient for the midsized gathering and size won’t make burdensome for a couple or small groups.

Point to consider:

When you decide to buy an ice chest the following need to consider.

  1. Material and insulation around the cooler.
  2. Type of lid fitting used in the cooler.
  3. Storage capacity as per the usage and group.
  4. The locking system is also an important parameter.
  5. The draining system and type of plugs.

The above points represent the basic requirement for the purchase of the cooler. Here, we have listed out the best medium cooler available for the smaller group in the market. The features and specifications of the coolers are mentioned in a meticulous way.

1) Coleman 48 QT – Best 48qt Cooler

The Coleman steel cooler of 48 Quart is the best top-notch cooler in the present-day market. It has a solid experience in cooler manufacturing since 1954. This cooler is most suitable for the whole group of people. It has a moulded rubber grip and stainless-steel handles. The ice retention power of the cooler is 3 days, and enough space for 63 cans and tall enough for 2-litre bottles.

Coleman Performance Cooler, 48-Quart - Blue


  1. The iconic design has the finest body and elegant look.
  2. The cooler has an ice retention power of 3 days even in hot weather of 90 °F
  3. It has a capacity of holding 63 cans.
  4. Draining of the cooler can be done without turning upside down because of the leak resistant drains.
  5. One handed access and hinged lid for comfortable opening and closing of the cooler.
  6. 2 way handles for easy portability and easy lifting.
  7. The insulation is performed by low CO2 foam manufacturing to reduce carbon emission.


  1. Weight:7 lbs.
  2. Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H):25.63” x 14.13” x 14.13″
  3. Capacity: 48 quarts (45.42 litres)
  1. It has a decent capacity for storage and lightweight.
  2. It is available at an affordable price.
  3. The ice retention capacity of the cooler is 3 days.
  1. Compare with roto-mould construction ice retention power is lesser.
  2. The handles are not good quality.
  3. It is not useful for longer duration trips.



This cooler is available in an affordable price range and most convenient for the shorter duration vacations. The decent capacity offers greater comfort for the medium groups. The size is not bulk and weight is lesser as compared with other cooler models.


2) Yeti Tundra 65 – Best 65qt Cooler

Yeti is a well-known brand and best-selling cooler products in the market. The unique roto-moulded construction, stronger core material and durable. It also resists from heat, ultraviolet and rough climate conditions.



YETI Tundra 65 Cooler, White


1. The FATWALL™ DESIGN of 2 inches thickness wall insulation for greater ice retention.

2. It uses polyurethane foam of commercial grade for pressure insulation byPERMAFROST™ process for injecting into the walls.

3. The roto-moulded construction made the cooler durable, stronger and indestructible.

4. The latch used in the coolers is heavy-duty T-REX™ LID latches that is break free rubber.

5. It has a moulded tie-down ANCHORPOINT™ slots, which are useful to mount on trucks and boats.

6. Interlocking design and NEVERFAIL™ hinge system of two hinge pins will not crack at any critical conditions.

7. The hot air will be restricted by the INTERLOCK™ LID system that creates a form-fitting barrier.

8. The COLDLOCK™ gasket layer around the lid will restrict the air of the outer surface.

9. The integrated LIPGRIP™ handles and military-grade DOUBLEHAUL™ polyester ropemaker are cooler to carry easier.


  1. Weight:29 lbs.
  2. Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H):30.5” x 17.5” x 16” inches.
  3. Capacity: 65 quarts (61.5 litres)
  1. It has incredible ice retention for 5 – 7 days.
  2. The cooler is stronger, durable and damage resistance because of the construction.
  3. The hassle-free drain system will clear the water faster and easier.
  4. You won’t get any plastic odour like other company coolers.
  1. The customers are most worried about the cooler price range.


The Yeti coolers are the most trusted brand in the cooler’s world. It has leak proof vortex drain system and the Bearfoot non-slip feet base to avoid the cooler to slide. The cooler produces ultimate performance, strength and durability. It is worth every penny you spend on the cooler.


3) Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series 55qt- Sandstone

This American made material cooler is run by the family-owned since 2008. The company is consistently producing greater quality cooler and protected by the lifetime warranty. It also has ultimate performance and good durability in any type of adventures conditions.


  1. It is constructed by one piece rotomolded low-density polyethene (LDPE) and injected with eco-friendly HUNTX foam insulation.
  2. The recessed components and vertical walls are perfect ultra-pack for any vehicle.
  3. Solid metal hinge is perfectly aligned and falls backward for easy opening.
  4. The integrated basket system and usable space will make you keep products in an organized process.
  5. Latches are flexible, UV resistant and user replaceable design.
  6. The Redesigned drain plug will prevent leakage and empty your cooler quicker.
  7. Tie down straps on both sides of the cooler will useful in boat or trucks.


  1. Weight:25 lbs.
  2. Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H):27.5” x 15” x 16.25” inches.
  3. Capacity: 55 quarts (52.04 litres)
  1. The price of the cooler is affordable.
  2. The product comes with a lifetime warranty.
  3. It is durable, stronger and tough.
  4. It also comes with certified bear resistant.
  1. Only a few colours are available.
  2. The ice retention power for the cooler is lesser.


The airtightly sealed cooler is useful for the medium size groups and families. The IGBC certified will protect the cooler from bear feeding. The lockable both sides will prevent wandering bandits from taking your products. The freezer grade soft foam airtight seal and user replaceable gasket will protect from outer air entering into the cooler.

4) Pelican Elite 50 Quart Cooler

Pelican Elite 50 Quart Cooler

This hardcore cooler from Pelican is well designed for better performance, durability and compactable sizes. The elite cooler is tougher than any other cooler, better cold locked and performs in higher standard as compared with other coolers. Material and insulation used for the construction by pelican are premium and durable. It has an ice retention capacity of 8 full days.


  1. The 2” polyurethane insulation pressure injected into the cooler make ice retention for 10 full days.
  2. The freezer grade gasket lid will restrict the air entering into the cooler.
  3. It can be fixed on any kind of surface because of molded-In Tie downs, Non-skid and Non-marking.
  4. The latches of the press & pull locking system is a better protector.
  5. the draining system is also quicker because of the slope drain system and tethered threaded plug.
  6. 6. The corrosion resistant Lock hasp is made of moulded stainless-steel plate and stainless-steel hardware.
  7. It has a built-in trolley and handles moulded handles.


  1. Weight:26.39 lbs.
  2. Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H):30.00″ x 20.30″ x 20.40″ inches.
  3. Capacity: 50 quarts (47.3 liters)
  1. It has a decent amount of ice rtention power.
  2. Portability of the cooler is easier because of molded handles.
  3. The material is sturdy, durable and stronger.
  4. A different selection of colors is available.
  1. Price of the cooler is not affordable.


The cooler comes with advanced features and handling of the cooler is also convenient. The price of the cooler is higher but affordable as compared with the other premium coolers. It is suitable and convenient for long-term usage.


5) Grizzly Coolers Grizzly 60 Quart Rotomolded Cooler

If your like to extend your vacation or trip then Grizzly coolers are a perfect match. It has an impressive cooling retention power and durable material for the longer duration of ice retention. The company also claim a longer duration of 19 days of ice retention. The coolers are also available in plenty of colors variants.


Grizzly 60 Quart Rotomolded Cooler


  1. The LLPE plastic and Rotomolded construction design make cooler durability and stronger.
  2. The IGBC Certified tag means that cooler can stand against the force applied by a bear to open.
  3. The pressure injected insulation 2” inches polyethene foam into the interior and exterior walls of the cooler for greater thermal Properties.
  4. The interlocking models of built-in integrated Hinge can able to withstand the greater toughest conditions.
  5. It has an interchangeable, comfortable and bears grip premium design of Bearclaw™ Latch.
  6. Two lock holes locking system are provided on both sides of the coolers.


  1. Weight:30 lbs.
  2. Exterior Dimensions (L x W x H):30 3/8″ x 17 3/8″ x 17 1/4″ inches.
  3. Capacity: 60 quarts (56.78 liters)
  1. The product is durable and stronger.
  2. It has ice retention of 19 days that will be helpful in longer vacation.
  3. The thicker rubber gasket will trap the cold air within the cooler.
  4. The coolers are also available in various colours
  5. Cooler comes with a lifetime warranty
  1. The price range of the cooler is too higher and that is the only concern.


The ice retention is the major advantage for the grizzly cooler and price range of the cooler is higher. But it is affordable as compared with other similar feature coolers. The cooler is available in plenty of variety of colors. The Latch, thick rubber gasket and Dual handle system are added advantage for the cooler.


Final Conclusion:

The medium size coolers are specially meant for a group of people or families. The material and insulation foam injection is the key factors for durability and strength. Locking system, portability and ice retention are other features are also considered. The best medium size cooler is described in the above line are derived for the expert’s advice. The selection of the cooler will be depending on the user’s criteria and useful levels.

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