Coolers are the best portable refrigerator but there can be a different price range of the coolers. Some can be expensive than the others and some can be cheaper. It depends on what suits your pocket. Some of the expensive coolers offer too many features and some of the cheaper coolers are not life-long. So what do you do when you don’t want too many features and want the cooler to last a long time?

There is an option for you. These intermediate priced coolers are coolers that come in between in price range without compromising anything. Intermediate is calculated by the products that come in the middle tier according to dollars per quart of storage volume.  In other words basically, these products fall in the middle category that is costing more than the budgeted coolers and less than the premium ones.  Such measurement has been developed instead of just overall price comparison because it allows accurate comparisons between two products and also these products differ a lot in sizes. So this is a great way of comparing.

This range of coolers sometimes offers great features according to the price. These are definitely better in features than the budgeted coolers but less than the premium coolers. For the benefit let us look at some of the coolers that fall in this category.



If you want something with you on your journey of adventures than this is a great choice for coolers. Ready for any kind of party whether on grassy fields or on dirt roads or on beach dunes, wherever you want to go this is your best friend for your food to keep fresh and cool.

Igloo Translate Journey


Made up and Insulation: the cooler is made up of plastic and its Ultratherm insulated body and also lid is fully equipped to provide 4-day ice retention. Great in a performance of cooling.

Butler tray: the cooler also has to offer a butler tray which utilizes the telescoping handle to serve snacks and drinks and also it is easily stored under the lid whenever not in use. Also, there are two bottle openers that are just at your fingertips when you are thirsting to enjoy a drink.

Wheels: the cooler also has to offer an oversized 10-inch wheel that will never go flat. These wheels can tackle sand and any other challenging terrain. It works with ease and traction. This makes it easy to carry this cooler as it can be easily dragged.


  • Made up of plastic
  • Ultratherm insulated body
  • 4 days of ice retention
  • Butler tray
  • Two bottle openers
  • Oversized 10 inch never flat wheels
  • Super in ice retention works till up to almost 5 days
  • The wheels make it an easy carry and give it a stylish look
  • The extra accessories make it large so extra space is needed to fix it


This cooler is efficient and works great in comparison to other coolers which comes with wheels. Mostly other coolers might not work that great with so many features but this cooler there is no such problems. Under this price with so many features, this cooler is a party animal for your adventures.

Igloo Marine 36-can Square coolers

The cooler that is great on your pocket and comes with all the great features that the cooler has to offer. Stylish and modern look this cooler would not make you look down in either style or performance.


Made up: it is made from man-made materials and non-corrosive hardware. This makes the cooler highly persistent to survive any kind of condition even harsh marine ones. It is very durable as well with anti-mildew and UV protection.

Insulation: the cooler has ultra-thick insulation which helps in keeping the content cool. There is one point one inch thick extruded closed cell foam that helps in keeping ice up to two days.

Accessories: the cooler is also leak-resistant and easy to clean.  The antimicrobial liner makes the cooler both stain and odour resistant. The cooler has an incredible 0.35 mm thick PEVA


  • Man-made materials and non-corrosive hardware
  • Durable with anti-mildew and UV protection
  • Ultra-thick insulation offer 2 days of ice retention
  • Leak-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Antimicrobial liner makes satin and odour resistant
  • 0.35mm thick PEVA
  • Great ice retention of the cooler
  • Easy to carry as it is lightweight
  • The cooler can is easily torn especially along the straps


This cooler is small but effective for small adventures. It is easy on your pocket so it is budgeted. It is easy to carry and lightweight so great for small adventures. Since it is soft from outside and easily clean and carries can be used by anyone. It acts as a great beach cooler. From the link you can select the 36 can option.

Rubbermaid FG2B8001WHT Marine Cooler 102-Quart

Rubbermaid FG2B8001TRWHT Marine Cooler, 150-Quart


If you are a passionate fisher or has a habit of fishing and want the best tool that can be your accomplice in fishing then this is a great option for you. With the necessary tools needed for fishing, this cooler does not disappoint in its cooling performance.


Insulation:  the insulation of the cooler is extra-thick insulation and keeps the ice for up to almost 7 days. That means that ice retention of the cooler is for 7 days.

Build up: the cooler is rugged inbuilt with extra wide handles. These handles allow access for two to be handled.

Drainage:  the cooler has stain and odour resistant liner which is very easy to clean. Also, the cooler has a threaded drain plug.

Accessories: the cooler has a sturdy lid where two adults can easily seat and it also has a moulded in fish scale. Also, it has a built-in cup holder that can fit 12-oz cans and 20-oz bottles.


  • Ice retention for 7 days
  • Built up is rugged
  • Extra wide handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain and odour resistant liner
  • Threaded drain plug
  • Sturdy lid
  • Moulded in fish scale
  • Built-in cup holders
  • Very well built and rugged
  • Ice retention is great
  • The capacity of the cooler is great
  • It is big hence hard to carry and store


The cooler is overall great and efficient. It is a great option for those who are looking for a cooler that just not only stores their fishes but also helps in fishing. And since the capacity is good so it can store a lot of at one particular moment. This cooler is a total game.

Technic Ice High-Performance Cooler Bag

The cooler is a high-performance cooler and will not disappoint you in any way. If you are looking for an efficient cooler bag then this is a great option for you.

Techni Ice High Performance Cooler Bag (36Qt) _ Sports & Outdoors


Made up: the cooler is made from heavy-duty 600D polyester that is completely washable. And the quality of the lining is of high washable PVC.

Insulation: the cooler has to offer superior high-density PE foam insulation. That is efficient insulation. Ice retention of the cooler is great.

Lid: the cooler has a lid that is more than double the wall and thickness. Compared to any other regular cooler bags. And on the top of it, the cooler also offer free technical ice reusable ice packs.


  • Made from polyester that is washable
  • Washable PVC lining
  • Superior high-density PE foam insulation
  • Double the wall and lid thickness
  • Free technical ice reusable ice packs
  • The cooler is built to deliver the best performance
  • No reviews as such of it


If you are looking for a cooler that is a bag and is efficient in performance too than this is the great option for you.

Arctic Zone Titan 9 Can Zipperless Cooler

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 48 Can Zipperless Cooler, Blue _ Spor

The cooler is created by a much known popular brand that expertise in making coolers. This line of coolers from this brand is built for high performance. Comes in different capacity size with great features.


Insulation: the cooler offers deep freeze high-performance insulation that too with radiant heat barrier that provides with the reflection of heat and helps in keeping away the absorption of it. Also, the cooler has an insulated front pocket.

Zipperless and shelf: the cooler fashions a Zipperless lid instead it has a patented “flip open” lid. This allows the cooler for quick access to the contents of the cooler. The cooler comes with a removable smart shelf. This shelf helps in differentiating the hard items from the soft ones and since it is removable so if the cooler has to be wholly used then it can be removed as well. As per the needs of the individual this cooler can be helpful.

Liner: the cooler features FDA compliant hard body liner and also Ultra safe leak proof lining which comes with a Micro ban.  This means that this product meets all the applicable U.S safety laws and regulations like FDA AND CPSC safety, also BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free. This protects the cooler from stains and bacterial odours and helps in making the cooler easier to clean.

Strap: the cooler fashions a strap that is the adjustable back saver shoulder strap which comes with a shoulder pad. The back saver system was actually developed to lower the strain of carrying a heavy cooler on your shoulders. The system is so divided that the shoulder pad is really close to the shoulder as if hugging it and the position of the strap is offset. With this combination, the centre load weight reduces the pressure of the contact and muscle stress. This makes the cooler to be used very conveniently and usable.

Made up: the cooler is made up from rhino tech which is water resistant as well as stain resistant. It is easy to wipe clean the exterior. Plus the exterior is also abrasion and puncture resistant and will not crack over the period of time.


  • Patented easy access Zipperless lid
  • Deep freeze high-performance insulation
  • FDA compliant hard body liner
  • Smart shelf
  • Ultra-safe leak
  • Easy clean lining
  • Triple layer cold block base
  • Adjustable padded back saver shoulder strap
  • Rhino-tech water and stain resistant, wipe clean exterior
  • The capacity of the cooler is advertised
  • The Zipperless lid works perfectly well for a great seal
  • A smart shelf is a great tool
  • Overpacking can effect closing of the cooler
  • A plastic liner is not working for long


In such a price a cooler with so many features is hard to find. With some adjustments in capacity, this cooler works great and is a perfect companion for your travels. Also, the strap and smart shelf is a plus point as it saves your back and helps in differentiating the items giving the necessary need to them.


Sometimes you don’t want a cooler that has a great number of features but is expensive on your pocket and sometimes a cheap cooler may not be entirely useful to you. That is where these intermediate coolers come into play. These coolers are a perfect mixture of features with a price that is not too heavy on your pocket. This list has been made out of Amazon best buys under this heading. These coolers have been used by people and these brands are popular and known and can be trusted.

Hope this blog helps you in finding the best buy for your needs. Lastly, if you are spending your money it should be on the right one. Watch, read and research and then buy the one that suits the best for you. This blog will help you understand the coolers and compare them according to their features and pros and cons so that you can come to a conclusion that is neither too heavy on your pocket and fulfil your requirements too at the same time. These five coolers coming from trusted brands offer a range of features under a great price.

We hope to have helped you with your product finding.


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